Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Letters 018


Dear Self, why is it so difficult to put together a small list of present ideas for people? You moon over stuff all year long then as soon as someone offers to buy something for you in the name of Christmas, all ideas vanish!

Dear Turkey, please go ahead and put on some good meat over the next few weeks. We’d like you all plump and juicy.

Dear Self, maybe you are overdoing it? We got wiped out by a really basic cold and frankly we just can’t get everything done without falling asleep pretty much standing up  (I lie, sitting down).

Dear Husband, see I told you I wouldn’t eat all the Boursin, just quite a lot of it. Sorry.

Dear Dentist, drinking through a straw  may well be the only way to save my teeth from acid erosion but let’s face it, this will not be a practical solution forever. As it is I look like a child drinking everything through a blinking straw. Grrrrrreat!

Dear Self, it would surely be much more productive if you craved things like salad instead of wanting loads of junk food.


Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Hello birds!
    I think my teeth are a bit ruined, I had two fillings recently in teeth which hadn't been giving me much pain, and now those teeth are so painful it's unreal :(

  2. My Mum said that the other day she saw a news item saying that drinking through a strawer gives you wrinkles! Can't win!

  3. I saw the same news article. I like drinking through straws, although I can see that it would soon lose it's appeal if forced to do it all day every day.
    I am exactly the same with my Christmas wish list, it has about three things on it - on e inspired by you - the Jamie's 15 minute meals cookbook.
    Hope you feel better soon

  4. Drinking through straws to avoid acid erosion; no coffee/tea/red wine, it stains your teeth; don't smile; it gives you wrinkles...
    Come on, let's eat Boursin and chips and have a beer and enjoy life! Have a lovely weekend, Sophie. xxx

  5. Poor you, I identify with the cold. Teeth worries make me stress- I had the recurring dream of my teeth falling out on Thursday night- shudder!


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