Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hound dog


A rather annoying set of pictures where I chopped the top of my head off in most shots and these are the better of them. Oh well! A straightforward comfortable outfit with my trusty navy jumper and newish grey jeans, with my new studded belt craftily hidden (clever). I do love this houndstooth scarf yet it very rarely makes an appearance, something that I shall have to remedy this winter. Topshop wedged hi-tops re gracing my feet for possibly only the fourth time shamefully, I really should have thought about getting a dark pair as I just cannot wear these anywhere where they may possibly get dirty or stained.

Last night was the Turkish delight sampling evening. We basically ‘fear’ that we may inadvertently end up serving bad Turkish delight at Christmas so we cleverly buy several boxes and ‘test’ a few on the run up to the season. I have to say, with regards last night box, I’m not sure it’s quite right. Better have some more at the weekend to errr on the side of caution.


  1. The shoes are lovely, wear them more! We have similar evenings but with boxes of Celebrations, Roses, Thorntons...!x

  2. I've always liked black and grey jeans best and my Mum has always loved houndstooth (a throwback to her 60s youth)
    I think in the name of science you should continue on your quest to find the best Turkish delight.

  3. I'm not a fan of Turkish delight but I do a similar thing with chocolate ;)

    Maria xxx

  4. Great idea about testing the Turkish Delight, it's one of the few sweet things I like.
    You've got a fab body, those jeans really show off your great legs. x

  5. I've never been a fan of turkish delight, but if I was then your plan sounds like an amazing excuse for a good scoffing sesh!

    You look fab, I always love grey jeans, I just wish I didn't find it so difficult to get jeans that fit properly! xx

  6. That scarf is lovely, I ruined a pair of new-ish boots a few weeks ago and still am quite annoyed about the fact I chose such a silly colour/material of footwear xxx

  7. Have I missed something with the Turkish delight? Do you give an annual Turkish party?!
    The scarf is cooool! I thought of you yesterday as I contemplated a dogstooth skaterdress in my local boutique!

  8. I love the scarf + sneaker combo!! Always a winner in my opinion! :) Looking lovely! :)

    New follower here!

  9. i like the sneakers! they have grown on me, and almost (they didn't have my size) tried on a pair.


  10. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to Turkish delight I always say ;-)

  11. Looking good Sophie you are so slender x


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