Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lighthearted goth


This outfit promised so much but I feel like it under delivered. The skirt is from Next via charity shop and is an item I classify as ‘lighthearted goth’, also neatly ticking the heritage box, again. Tights are a TK Maxx find, boots from a charity shop and the jumper is the much worn New Look find from last year.

Most of my outfit photos are taken in my back garden for a number of reasons

  1. I’m usually there
  2. Light is alright
  3. The camera sits neatly on a table at a flattering height and I easily zap away with my remote
  4. It’s pretty private, I can get away without being seen

But on the other hand I would like to get my outfit photos out and about. HOWEVER, you may think that having a hubby with a snazzy camera who’s been on an actual photography course would be an advantage. You’d be wrong. Honestly, I despair. My hair is all sticking up at the middle (which he would quite merrily let me walk round with all day, he has NO idea) and the shutter speed is far too slow so most of the photos have me moving in so are blurry. I look pretty much the same in each picture as he gives no direction so I hardly move. THE LIST COULD GO ONNNN.

Get the feeling I’m miffed? He’s not a portrait photographer but SERIOUSLY! I think I need to vent…..a bit more.


  1. 'He loves you just the way you are' cue Barry White. Well, what can I say? :D Though I do understand what you mean. Lovely outfit.

  2. I feel your pain, Jon's got a degree in photography and never mentions the wrongly buttoned outfits, wonky earrings or down turned hem, men!
    Fab location and pretty skirt. x

  3. You look fab- love the checks on checks.

    My husband always takes photos where I look terrible, hair like a little boy and a round scowling face. They don't even look like me!

  4. Aww I love these photos - don't vent. Be happy that you hve someone who doesn't just laugh at you when you ask them to take some photos of you!

  5. Can you not make him use the auto setting? Can't help with the sticking up hair though, can only add to the general 'MEN!' tutting.

    You look lovely in these pictures, sticky up hair or not :)

  6. haha some people just aren't portrait photographers. Or they think you look beautiful no matter what, so they don't see the things that we don't like about ourselves in photos. I bet your hubby is the latter.

  7. I love these photos! The skirt is gorgeous...

    Maria xxx

  8. Love the beachy pics, and that sweater is so cute & cozy!

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. I love that jumper - I am jealous that you live near a beach :)

  10. He's just so dazzled by your beauty that he doesn't see those little details! Take it as a compliment!
    The skirt is great, love the warm colour of the sweater, and oh to be on a beach, even if it is a cold windy one! xxxx

  11. I can see the sea! Woo, you look gorgeous

  12. Nope, the sight of waves and sand rendered any imperfections in hair totally invisible to me! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sea!!!!!!!!!! The combo of matching tights and skirt is unbelievably cute! Like properly- cooooooooooool!
    I like the shots! CBC is a grump when I ever ask him to take any outfit shots and tells me I need to 'look natural'! Huh, what help is that????

  13. My husband's a qualified photographer too and I totally feel your pain, he does good on the whole but gives very little direction. Anyway, I love your skirt and tights combo. x

  14. Gorgeous photos Sophie! That jumper looks so cosy too :)

    Robyn Mayday

  15. I love the beach setting Sophie, I love visiting the seaside especially in the colder months when no one is really there. The skirt is gorgeous and the jumper looks really comfy too. I've always loved your style xxx


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