Sunday, 25 November 2012

My kind of body

Jessica EnnisJillian Michaelsjodie-marshVictoria Pendleton

Jessica Ennis – Jillian Michaels – Jodie Marsh – Victoria Pendleton

This has been a really difficult post to come up with. It can be so easy to say what you don’t like or what you don’t agree with (I find it tough to bite my tongue) so I’m keeping this a very positive post instead.

I love to see strong, athletic women and it’s something I aspire to be like. Jessica Ennis and Victoria Pendleton are Gold medal winning British Olympic athletes, they have crafted their bodies into ultimate machines to make it to the top of their sports and that is something I really admire. A combination of eating the right foods and dedication to training has reaped the results.

Jillian Michaels is the woman behind the infamous 30 day shred dvd that so many of us have come to love/hate. A personal trainer with the drive to keep herself in top form and inspire others to push themselves too. You have to love her. The shred is a workout I’d highly recommend if you’ve not yet tried it.

Jodie Marsh is the most controversial of the women I have included, she has a lot of haters out there. Personally I have a lot of respect for how she has transformed her body. She now has a range of body building products which by all accounts seems very popular. I have to emphasise that she does NOT use steroids and I don’t advocate anyone who does.

So there we have it, my ideals for body image. For years I’ve been describing my body shape as boyish but I’m now going to take the bold and somewhat ahead of schedule step of renaming it athletic. I’ll be sure to do a final fitness update before the year is out as I’m already thinking of New Year’s resolutions.

If you’d like to leave a comment then please do, but only positives – let’s leave hate at the door on this one. Thank you.


  1. Well being totally honest they are not the sort of body I would want! I hate muscle on women really I think it is quite masculine although I have to admit none of these women actually look masculine. I do prefer curves I have to admit.
    Having said that Jillian Micheals looks amazing.
    If I could have any body I would have Michelle Keegan that girl is just stunning! x

    1. As you say, none of these women look masculine.

  2. I'm going through a bit of an ideal body phase at the moment, and I am certainly setting myself some strict New Year's resolutions. I think both Jessica and Victoria are incredibly inspirational women and their bodies are certainly tailored to their hard work and sportsmanship. I always stand by the fact you can be whoever you want to be, and if you are willing to put the hard work in, the body you desire is achievable xxx

  3. I love these women's figures, I think they are so inspirational! Definitely strong and yet still feminine!

    Maria xxx

  4. Wow, they are certainly to be admired! I've long thought that people all have different bodies and that people should not be judged or hated based on their body. I read a blog where there has been sooo sooo much controvesy and hate over body-shape I've had to stop reading because I find it really distressing and bizarre the way people can be so so judgmental about others, it comes from the ED aspect of many of the peoples' lives but still, there's just NO need to be nasty! SO I really appreciate the last sentence you said- I wish this other blog wouldn't court such controvesy!
    The only thing I think about body-shape is- that as long as we are trying to live a healthy life-style and maintain our body without harming ourselves, that's all we can ask, we can't all be the same!
    Thanks for your photo advice! Ha, I did it- beat the system!!!

  5. Great posts and noone should ever be hesitant to admit their ideal body image

  6. I love the way these gals look. This body shape/style wouldn't work on me (I'm more sturdy farmer's wife strong- which tones into a passable hourglass) but the athletic build does look fantastic. It's quite sad that in promoting health, many magazines assume there is underweight, overweight and only very girly hourglass in between. And (as some commenters have mentioned) this idea that being strong is 'masculine' - it isn't, it's being strong, it's being in control... which is beautiful!

  7. I think the athletic shape is beautiful, and to be honest I think so many different body types are beautiful! I don't think I could keep it up though!

    Robyn Mayday

  8. I love Jillian so much, I even met her once at a book signing! I must get back to my shreding!


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