Thursday, 8 November 2012

On trend: heritage


Both the River Island checked trousers and Asos jumper have made recent appearances on here and of course my fab fake Litas from Internacionale (so glad I bought these, I’ve worn them LOADS already).  The boots do tend to get compliments whenever I wear them. Not only do I love how easy it is to walk in them but they make me much taller. That extra 6 inches is rather welcome!

This outfit made the perfect getup for a mammoth TK Maxx haul, sorting out half the Christmas shopping as well as finding a couple of pairs of new jeans for my hubby. I have to say, it was pretty imperative he took a armload in to the changing rooms. Naturally I had to supervise the process by analysing each pair. It’s good to know men’s jeans are almost as ghastly with their size and shaping as women’s. We had some hilarious laughs with hubby emerging in all manner of bad fitting jeans, supposedly in his size.

Sick of me wearing heritage already? Maybe pop back in the spring…


  1. That jumper's ace, love the colour combo.
    Luckily Jon's nifty with the sewing machine, he buys second hand jeans and alters them himself, in fact he taught me all I know! x

  2. Love that jumper. Perfect colours and textures!

  3. Those are some gorgeous trousers! And impressive high heels, quite a find if they're comfy to walk in!


  4. Hurrah for new hubby jeans! I used to hate buying new jeans - now I just go directly to Oasis or Gap, I've sussed out what styles fit me.
    Love this jumper, you rock the heritage look... I don't think I'll get bored of seeing you in it.

  5. Girly you look so amazing in those trousers :) Don't ever take them off!

  6. Love those trousers on your supermodel-esque legs! I wish I could manage heels that high too, but I don't have the balance (and my feet hurt!) xxx

  7. God those boots + troousers are incredible together!


  8. I have a serious trouser crush! x

  9. Nope, I like it! You keep bringing on the heritage, am lapping it up (did you see my Monday outfit was inspired by your heritage love?!) Those shoes do look good on you but my feet are wincing at the thought of such lofty heights!

  10. Love these trousers, I love heritage inspired outfits so I am more than happy :)

    Maria xxx

  11. I love the trousers, they look great on you. Love the Heritage trend too
    Daniella x

  12. I love the jumper colours it looks fab x


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