Monday, 12 November 2012

Join the Hurley burley


Weirdly, I seem to have dressed as this week’s Inspiration Monday. Good foresight from me.



I was blatantly overdressed for the cinema but I really wanted to wear this outfit for some reason. Looking back, it makes me look terribly grown up, but I suppose that’s because half the outfit is Jaeger. Adding it all up, it would have been a mighty expensive outfit (by my standards) brand new.  Jacket was £8; Jaeger via charity shop (estimated worth £150+ new), blouse £4 approx; Jaeger via charity shop (estimated £100+ via charity shop), Jeans by GStar Raw won on Twitter giveaway by Next (worth £110ish new). Boots £25 Internacionale.

Incidentally, I have now foolishly tried to wash the blouse (which I have now realised was 100% silk and says ‘dry clean only’) and I may have trashed it. Maybe ironing will bring it back? I looks seriously creased! I washed it and hung it up to dry – no tumble drying. I’ll be rather upset if I have ruined it already…

It was Skyfall we went to see by the way and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Movie review and a half!


  1. Love how you took on the look. The blazer looks so good on you.

  2. Don't worry, silk blouses always say dry clean and I never do. Hopefully you didn't put it in a hot wash did you? You can iron it inside out using the coolest setting on your iron, alternatively whack the steam right up on your iron, hang the blouse on a hanger and steam it but don't let the iron touch the fabric. Hope this helps. x

  3. you do look lovely. thats one hell of an outfit for very little money!
    good luck with rescuing the blouse x

  4. I machine wash almost everything, I think they put those dry clean only tags on just to cover themselves. You look fabulous. x

  5. Great outfit! I wash silk in the machine, on a cool wash/low spin. A coolish iron should sort the blouse out! xx

  6. i love your fluke outfit! that blazer is so great, and looks cozy and warm. i hope your shirt isn't ruined...hopefully a good ironing will help!

  7. I like the blazer! I hope the shirt is okay.

  8. Oh no I hope it irons out! You look lovely in this outfit, and dressing up to the cinema is the way forward, though I always smuggle a hoody in too!


  9. i adore that blazer
    very classic and chic look

  10. You look amazing, ironing should help the blouse *fingers crossed*!

    Maria xxx

  11. You look tres stylish! I really hope you haven't ruined it, it's so nice! I have ruined several silk blouses in the same way :-(

  12. Looks far better an outfit on you than it does on old Hurley! You look great, very stylish. I'm back from Paris now if you fancy a peek at my 1st parisian outfit :)


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