Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday Letters 020


Dear Mr Weatherman, I think we’ve had enough snow and ice now. How about some sunshine?

Dear Husband, I’m alarmed you’re turning 28 so soon (old man!), but glad we shall be celebrating twice, just to be sure we cover it.

Dear policeman I passed yesterday, so what if I was wearing a santa hat at the wheel? It’s December, lighten up!

Dear neighbours, please put loads of decorations on your houses so I can enjoy them when I look out of the window. I’ve got a string of lights on a bush for you to admire.

Dear new boots, I love you soooo much and can’t wait to show you off really soon!

Dear self, keep on swimming, keep on swimming, keep on swimming, swimming, swimming…


Happy weekend one and all <3


  1. haha cute letters. It reminds me of the Jimmy Fellon bit where he reads letters that start out with dear xxx.


  2. Well, you're already in the Christmas Spirit I see! I'm hoping to get our tree this weekend which will make it really feel like the festive season has begun.

  3. A house opposite me seems to be trying to rival Blackpool illuminations.

  4. How Chritmassy are you? Fab! I drove with pigtails and a school girl outfit the other day, nothing strange honest although written down it looks so wrong! There was a reason.

    X x

  5. Hi! OI, 28 is NOT old, you young scallywag!!!!! I wore a sequined belt yesterday and festive earrings today!

  6. I so wish the cold and ice would go away too. Not enjoying tackling my iced up car! xxx


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