Thursday, 20 December 2012


This year I took part  in Lakota’s Christmas swap and I was partnered with Curtise from The Second Hand Years – I’m so glad I found her blog, you must check it out! Here is what I was sent:


These are the goodies I received, sooo lucky!


And this is what I sent to Curtise – fear not, I know she opened it!


True story: Age around 7 at Primary School my boyfriend (I started young!) and I liked to swap stuff. One day I swapped a plastic snake for his Mum’s car keys and she had to come and pick them up from my house after school. Oops!

Such fun! Huge thanks to Curtise for her wonderful parcel and a hurrah to Lakota for organising!


  1. I loved what you sent Curtise and your parcel from her looks gorgeous! x

  2. Wow such beautiful gifts. You both did really well.

    X x

  3. What a great idea. Off yo check out Curtise's blog :)

  4. Oooh, you both did very well! What lovely presents from both of you! You got alot for that £12!!!

  5. Yay another successful swap! Really laughing about the carkeys/plastic snake swap too :-)

  6. That bag is totally gorgeous, I adore the print. I didn't take part in any swaps this Christmas, but it seems Lakota's has been a great success again :) xxx


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