Saturday, 29 December 2012

The great haul of mine-a

For anyone  who hasn’t seen one of my videos before (and it's been over a year since my last one) there are a couple of points I should alert you to: I’m kind of quiet so you may need to crank the volume up, I have a daft sense of humour, my voice is way squeakier than I ever thought and most importantly the video is uncut. SUPER ATTRACTIVE THUMNAIL uh huh. Enjoy!

Great haul of mine-a

I thought I’d have a chat through the bits I picked up on Wednesday while I went for a ‘browse’. I’m hoping to get into vlogging a bit more this year so feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel, it’s countrygirldoesnorfo (yes how frustrating the character limit was two too short!)

Anyway, I’m asking for some help from you, yes you at the end of the video and I’d be most grateful for your advice. Thank youuuuuu!


  1. Awww Sophie you darling! You are so lovely on camera. I feel your pain with 'ugly shoes' I bought a pair last year that Simon claimed were 'special shoes' and everytime I wore them he ridiculed me! Have you tried boot cuffs? Those cutesy wooly things to go over the top of your boots xxx

  2. 'My neck is that small, how is my head even staying up?' haha you crack me up! I actually prefer the 'ugly' shoes, if you squint they could almost be leather Converse! I agree, maybe change the laces and put some studs round the cuff, if its one of those fabric ones, can't really tell... or just stick some googly eyes on the front, that could work too ;)

  3. I watched your video and subscribed to your channel. I love vlogging but it is hard to do it a lot when working full time, editing is a pain! My channel is if you would like to check it out =) It's mainly vlogs on there, I tend to make hauls and glossybox unboxings etc link only on my blog. You should try to do vlogyear!

    Corinne x

  4. I watched the entire thing whilst trying to block out Freddie Mercury belting out Barcelona in the background! I quite like those boots as they are- they remind me of those dark converse you can get! Could you paint a cat face on the front and add ears to make them cuter? Or, I saw in the Accessorize sale, these furry ankle/leg warmers, you could put them round the top? Am I the friend mentioned??? Glad you liked your cosies!!!

  5. awww you make me laugh you are so funny.

    LOve the pink jumper x


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