Thursday, 10 January 2013

All peachy


Jumper and printed jeans – Internacionale, hat – ebay, boots – Yull, bag – TK Maxx, necklace M&Co, Shirt – Primark

I really like this outfit! The jumper picks out the peach in the trousers and black with peach feels quite a nice mix. My hat has actually made it into outfit pictures for a change, which is daft because I usually pop a hat on when I go out and this sparkly black one is my favourite. I finally switched off the commenting from anoners so thankfully the spam has subsided. Sadly spam sites have been bombarding the blog with visits the last couple of days, driving my stats crazy. Bog off – there is nothing for you here!

This year already has a very different feel to it than previous ones and it’s most unexpected. For someone who is not a fan of change it’s quite unsettling but I’m just taking one day at a time to avoid getting creeped out by the bigger picture.


  1. Oh, I like this outfit, particularly the hat!
    I love the fact that this year seems different - I've felt it, too, but I'm embracing this as a new start.

  2. love your trousers and boots x

  3. That jumper is lovely! Such a pretty shade.

    And I'm impressed with your hat wearing :) I have loads of them but hardly ever get round to wearing them.

  4. So not just me then that felt the year really did change this time! Lovely hat!

  5. I feel a change too. Weird.
    Lovely outfit - you look good in a hat. You so should have bought that pink one you tried on in Cambridge, it looked so nice.

  6. I adore peach I just think its so feminine and pretty. I do love that jumper x

  7. I'm feeling the same sort of feeling regard change too. Things do seem very different to last year - change is good though.
    That jumper is very much lovely! xxx


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