Friday, 18 January 2013

Friday Letters 022


Time for some Friday Letters

Dear Roxy, you are so adorably cute, soft and wiggly yet such a bundle of trouble! All I want to do is snuggle with you but for both of our future’s sake you have to do as you’re told as well as stop trying to eat random things.

Dear Husband, any chance you could stop oversleeping? It is so exasperating trying to get you up in the mornings, leaving you promising to get up only to find you snoring away at the point where you’re supposed to be leaving the house. Any more of this and I will bring back the dirty tactics even if they result in you being cross with me all day.

Dear snow, **** off. You’ve been spoiling my entire week and now we’re set for even more which is just upsetting. I’ve been worrying about the husband going to and fro from work. Roads keep getting closed, there is no sign of grit and it’s flipping dangerous. You’re not welcome here.

Dear self, take a deep breath. Then maybe another nap.

Dear internet, please stop cutting out. You are my only link to the rest of the world and it’s leaving me rather sad when you’re refusing to let me tweet about how cross/fed up/surprised/hungry I am all day.



  1. Roxy looks very huggable. I'm sick of the snow too, wish it would **** off as well. Getting to and from work is literally risking life and limb every day.

  2. Lectures were cancelled for me today, but I am a bit worried about getting over to school on Monday- there is a huge steep slope to get out of my car park!!

  3. Roxy looks like she's enjoying the snow! :) Poor husband - I know how he feels, all I want to do is sleep, it's so dark! Intrigued by the 'dirty tactics' though!

  4. Roxy is so cute! I hate snow too- I definitely panic! :(

    Maria xxx

  5. Roxy is a cutie, I love the term 'wiggly'!
    I've had enough of the snow too, it's pretty but such a pain in the arse.
    Naps rule!

  6. aww Roxy sounds like our cat Ollie he tries to eat everything..unusual for a cat!
    I hope she is settling in well x


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