Friday, 4 January 2013



Skirt, blouse, cardigan and boots all via charity shop

The cardigan was a recent find, a Zara military knit. It even has those shoulder strap things to keep  a hat on. How fun! Possibly my most ‘Granny-y’ look to date but hey, whatever, sometimes there is no substitute for being wrapped up cosy. I’m feeling a bit blah at the moment chances are that I’m coming down with some bug. Perils of leaving the house, eh? Lurgy round every corner. I’m rather glad it’s a short working week as I  already feel like I’ve had more than enough and I’m just about ready to take the decorations down and reclaim some kind of normality. Sadly, the mountain of goodies is even bigger than first estimated – all I want to do is give it all away as I’m just shovelling in down myself as it’s o readily available. Chocolate orange for breakfast? Just me then…

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  1. P.S. all festive food donations welcome...haa.

  2. You know granny chic is my favourite! I love this outfit and feeling you on the food front!

  3. I'll go a Chocolate Orange for brekkie!
    I've had enough of the week too, I got used to waking up naturally and taking my time getting up during the holiday, my body has no idea what's going on when the alarm sounds at .30am!
    Love this skirt!

  4. Can you claim it as one of your 5 a day?!?!

  5. Bless you, definitely snug and warm. I know the feeling reference all the goodies. we STILL have chocolate.. Please someone eat it all.....

    X x

  6. Can I just be you please? Love the granny look (not at all too grannyish), you have such good taste in clothes! xxx

  7. I now desperately want a chocolate orange...

  8. Oh but I love it!!! I love Granny chic, love the tartan and ruffly shirt- I have a similar one I am itching to wear for my Jon Pertwee Doctor WHo outfit- not got around to putting it together yet!!!!

  9. ...also, sorry to hear you are coming down with something! Try taking some echinacea! And re the chocolates, I have a sneaky way of disposing mine if I can't eat it (surprisingly it takes me ages to get through Christmas chocolates!), we all take it cakes and chocolates when it is our birthday at work, so since mine is in Feb, I save them till then and take them in as part of my Birthday offering as well as some cakes and crisps!!! Saves a bit of money!


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