Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Petty coat


Jumper – Internacionale, skirt – H&M via charity shop, boots –  JC’s Sarenza, tights and shirt – Primark, hat – ebay, bag – blogswap gift, gloves – TK Maxx, necklace – New Look


The lace underskirt proved just too tempting for a wee 4 legged hairy troublemaker to resist so now needs a bit of stitching to repair it. May have sworn at dog. I will not be defeated on this, it’s my favourite skirt! This past week I’ve been layering up like crazy. What you may not realise is that I’m also wearing a thermal vest and under-jumper. So in fact I’m still just about warm enough without my coat in the snow, for a minute at least.

This is what I wore in town Saturday. Everyone else was trussed up like welly-wearing eskimo turkeys and I got a few odd looks that I had ‘dared’ to wear heeled boots and a skirt. Well I was darned cosy and FYI there was no falling over or ankle ricking. Practical boots indeed and with a toasty fur lining to keep my ankles warm.

Take that wellies.


  1. Ha! A poke in the eye to welly wearers everywhere! This outfit is wonderful, I hope can can mend the skirt. I've lost count of the clothes I've lost thanks to little claws getting in where they're not wanted!
    I'm all about layers at the moment too, so much easier than a bulky coat!

  2. LOVE this outfit. Hope the weather improves for you in East Anglia soon xx

  3. I have to admit, I love wellies and have several pairs. I find them essential for allotment visits and guide camps, but other than that I don't often wear them. If i'd gone out in the snow at the weekend I'm sure I would have gone for the heeled boot option as well with plenty of layers.
    I love the jumper here and hope you have managed to fix the skirt :)

  4. I have a nice pair of hunters I always wear in the snow. They have heritage and are very much part of my vintage wardrobe. I tried wearing heels on the ice yesterday at work and although I didn't fall over the change in my walk (from bracing against the ice) has put my back out completely!

    I love that handbag- is it Welsh wool? I think I have a winter cape that matches. I could never be without a coat personally, I find layers don't work well in town, essentially I'd end up semi-stripping then re-dressing every 5 min, whereas with a coat I just take it off and over the back of the chair.

  5. wow, stay warm!!! i love the peep of the petty coat.

  6. You look lovely, the little peek of petticoat is so pretty! Hope you can fix it...
    I have been wearing my wedge-heeled boots in the snow and been fine, I don't possess any wellies.
    Nice to see the Welsh tweed bag getting an outing! xxxx

  7. Ooh I love the skirt, it is so cute with the lace underlay!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  8. I really love this outfit lovely, the lace makes it x

  9. I love those shoes, and they do look like could handle a bit of snow. :) Love your bag too. xx

  10. Oooh, pretty you (though a stern look- I don't believe everyone who say that heels are safe- all lies!!! ;-) )
    I think I almost bought this skirt in a charity shop recently- I saw it and I was like- ooooooooh, it's like SOphie's pretty skirt and toyed with buying it and then decided that I mustn't be a copycat (however, if I see it again, I might be tempted!!!)

  11. You look lovely, definitely more chic than my Michelin Man look!

    Maria xxx

  12. I really love this outfit its just cuper cute. LOve those boots too x

  13. Just got to say how much I adore that bag xxx


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