Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Resolutions for 2013


Top – Karrimor, running trousers (NOT leggings or disco pants, let’s be clear!) – TK Maxx, running shoes – Asics

Happy new year everyone! I hope 2013 brings you joy, health and a good dose of smiles. As you know I do love to make some resolutions each year for me to try and follow to improve myself. Let’s crack on with them

  1. Six pack. There, I said it. No going back now. No more fannying around, half heartedly training. It’s GO HARD or go home. I’m aiming for go hard. I want to be someone that is overjoyed with what they see in the mirror each morning and frankly I’m letting myself down with my belly. I’ve got some badass workouts planned, as well as good cardio (running and zumba) and boot camp continuing this year.
  2. Cook from scratch more. This has already been worked on the past two years and I want to make a breakthrough.
  3. Go green. I’m rather hoping that in 2013 I will be better at shopping local and recycling rather than buying everything I want to get more hands on and more crafty. Cards, presents etc.
  4. Love myself. This ties in a bit with with the exercise and eating but also extends to taking better care of myself : moisturising for example.
  5. Actually see more real people or at least keep in touch better. Yes, I didn’t really keep in touch with the people IRL that I should have. BAD me, I regret it.
  6. NO MORE DRINK every weekend. I need a flow chart that mostly ends in ‘no to wine’ and just drink a fruit tea. It’s expensive and a silly way to cope with shit. It’s been too easy.
  7. Make my blog into something people want to read and engage with. sometimes I feel like I just post junk. More positivity and less whinging.
  8. Get into Youtubing. Or ‘Hughtubing’ as I like to say. Unpopular as my vlog posts tend to be I find that I quite enjoy recording a video, so I’d like to get one canned once a month..
  9. Providing a good home to a four legged friend. I am rather hoping we can find  third member to our mini family. This could be initially difficult as we would like to take a punt on another rescue home dog but hopefully will be a happily ever after.
  10. Ease off the technology. Checking my phone for emails all the time is just silly and having the laptop on all evening is quite sad. Give it a break.

That’s the lot. So to recap, it’s looking like a lean, MEAN, green Twenty Thirteen. I’d like to keep you updated every once in a while and hope to make some progress on each one of these.


  1. Wow! That's hell of a list! All good and positive though. Your blog is already something people want to read and engage with - just thought I'd put that out there - you can tick that box :)
    I like your Vlogs, the last one made me chuckle, I'm thinking about those boots...

  2. Hello from your newest follower. I'm with you on almost all of your resolutions, except we already have a cat, and I do a lot of cooking from scratch, but otherwise, lets go for it. Happy 2013, Joy xx

  3. I really want a toned tummy too! Maybe not quite a six pack as I'm not sure I'm that committed, but my belly is always the bit I like least too. Love 'not disco pants' comment too haha. My running leggings are the closest I get to disco pants.

  4. Thats a solid list! But all good plans - good luck with them!

  5. Happy New Year! I'm with you on quite a lot of these- though I don't want a six pack I could do with toning up quite a lot! Would also like to cook more, I must stop leaving it to Edd. Good luck :)

  6. I'm with you on number 5 and the second half of number 10!!! I like your blog though, really lots of people want to read it! I'd do a lindyhopping version of number 1, though I said that last year and have done stuff all about apart from a couple of weekend classes!x

  7. Wow, good luck with them all hun. I am sure you will do everything you put your mind too x x

  8. Happy New Year- good luck with all that mean, green lean.. sounds super energetic. I love your blog- the Friday letters are my favourite!

  9. Haha surely disco pants will die soon?! I hope... Excellent resolutions, I've come up with one specifically for running so here's hoping we end up as proper athletes! :)

  10. Good luck with your resolutions. I don't make any as I always break them, but could do with easing up on the wine and drinking more green tea too. Looking forward to following your efforts this year. Happy new year.

  11. Holey moley you look absolutely fab Sophie. If anyone can acheive Abs of steel it's you! I admire your dedication + determination very very much! Good luck with all your resolutions + I can't wait to keep up to date with what you're getting up to and succeeding in! Happy new year love!


  12. Love this post and you're already looki fab Sophie - hope that 2013 allows you to complete all your goals. Happy New Year! xxx

  13. A six pack! Wow! Wow. Good luck girlie, can't imagine my stomach ever being that toned! Re vlogs - I do like them but most of my blog reading tends to be at work in between tasks (hey I'm not taking fag breaks every half hour, I'm allowed something!) so of course can read an article but can't really watch a video - maybe that's a factor for other readers? Totally with you on number 10 too - so much of my time is spent refreshing facebook or twitter - no wonder I never manage to read any actual books! Happy new year my dear!! xx

  14. oh dear this is so good.

  15. These are great resolutions, I'm sharing a lot of them. Dunno if I'll quite make visible abs, but I've definitely started to get happier with my stomach again, it was always a good feature and I want it back again. I've lost just over a stone since the end of August, and I'm actually kind of enjoying going to the gym - would never have believed it!

    I've never thought your blog was whingey. Happy New Year! x

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  16. Oh Sophie I can really relate to a few of these resolutions, some of them are constantly weighing me down too - I know you are a strong and determined woman, and I know when you put your mind to something you can do it. I'm on your side xxx


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