Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Take a bow


Dress – Miss Selfridge via charity shop, cami and necklace – New Look, shoes – Fiore via ebay, tights - M&Co, arm candy – gift

This is what I wore on Friday for an insanely good meal out, which I shall be blogging about soon! For some reason this dress hasn’t been worn for over a year, which is just daft as I really love it. Same goes for the shoes, sadly they spend far too much time in their box instead of  Overdressing for a meal out is always a must in my book, if you’re going out you might as well feel good about what you’re wearing while doing so.

There is snow here, that’s all I shall say.


  1. Great outfit hun, you look fabulous.

    X x

  2. Love those shoes. I always end up in a shoe rut too, I have loads and should wear my party ones more!

  3. This is a beautiful look. I love the stockings (and can't wait until it's stocking season again here!) and the shoes are pretty darn sexy! I wholeheartedly agree with dressing up when you go out - its all part of the fun :)

  4. Yes, party shoes like that are far too pretty to stay in a box! Plus restaurants are perfect for ridonkulously high heels - you just have to totter to and from the car in them :D Obviously I have plenty such pairs.

  5. You look so chic, next time I'm out for a meal, I will make sure I dress up in style!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  6. Ahhh those shoes are gorgeous!! Must be a faff though with all the buckles??

  7. Love the dress, the tights and the shoes!

  8. Love this outfit, there's nothing better than getting all dressed up (with nowhere to go in my case!)

    Maria xxx

  9. What a bargainess dress! Statement tights <3

    The Style Rawr!

  10. Great dress :)
    My friend calls them bar-cab shoes as you go from bar to cab and back again. Might prod other half to give me an excuse to wear a pair of mine!

  11. Oh gosh, I love the colour of your tights here. I used to wear coloured tights all the time but then I got really boring with my clothes and stopped. Love how you've styled them and I think I'll have to have a dig around and see if I've still got some to play around with!

    Yay for good meals out and double yay for overdressing, I always overdress for pretty much every occasion but that's all part of the fun! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  12. Great outfit I love that dress and It looks great with the blue tights you always put things together so well x

  13. I'm taking your advice, I am going out for dinner next weekend and must dress to impress! Sorry I've been a little quite around here lately, I've missed you xxx


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