Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Teal me


Cardigan and jeans – charity shop, scarf – Primark, bag and boots TK Maxx, studded belt – Asos

Coming to one of those massive turning points in life (possible over dramatization). I’ll explain. Last night we went to see a 13mth old staffy bitch from a private seller. I am so undecided about whether to take her or not. She was a beaut of an example of her breed but of course as a large puppy there was all the licky/mouthy (but not bitey) behaviour and excitement. My main concern is the excitement and energy levels, Comet was just so chilled out. I know staffies get such a bad rep, but most of them, including this one, would drown you with love as opposed to eating you alive. Sadly, my family are convinced they are trouble and I’m kind of weighing up what to do. Hubby really likes her and I think if I was not a factor he’d be getting her. I really could do with some honest advice here!

PS. Four alarms have failed to wake us up this morning. Woke up naturally two hours late. Ooops…


  1. Oh, I love this cosy looking cardigan.
    My parents were devastated when their dog died last year, were convinced they wouldn't get another, but a few months later they found another Alsatian from a rescue centre nearby. Although she is a different temperament, she has really been a great addition to the family. She's a lot more lively, so my sister and mum get to take her on more walks, and I think it's been good that she is so different in nature, so she's not been considered just a direct replacement, but is a character in her own right.

    Any new dog is bound to be different to Comet, but maybe it would be a good thing.

  2. Staffies can be loads of fun, but as a breed they take SO MUCH work to keep happy as they need loads of attention, food and exercise (I used to dog walk one, she was stubborn as a mule and would flat refuse to walk if she didn't want to). I find it sad that as they have got so popular, people keep them in flats etc' (and untrained which is why they get bad tempered). But if you have the space and time for them, they are great pets.

  3. What gorgeous boots, I love them.

    My hubby has a bit of a view about staffies too, but my aunty had one and he was the most kind and loving dog. I firmly believe that any dog has the ability to be a bad un if it's been brought up wrong, but if you train a staffy and it knows who's is boss then they are beautiful dogs.

  4. That cardie is perfect, what a find!

    I don't know much about dogs but here's my 2p worth: Firstly, when taking on any pet, it needs to be a move that's right for you and not just for the animal. Personally, I like Staffies - the ones I've met are a load nicer than say, most Jack Russels I've ever met. Following on from Perdita's comment about them needing a lot of attention, I've heard that greyhounds are great as they hardly need any exercise and are so docile (although I'd be insanely jealous if you got one, they're my faves!)

    Good luck with your decision! x

  5. If you're not feeling 100% about her, then don't do it. When you met your next pup, you'll know instantly. I'm a great believer in going with your instincts and from what you say here, she isn't the one for you. Don't give her a home to make your hubby happy because you'll have to live with her on a daily basis too. As for what your family think, they're relevant in this decision. Sorry if this sounds harsh or overly opinionated but it's a big deal bringing a pet into your home, but, you know that already.
    Good luck with your decision

  6. Love this scarf, it is such a pretty colour! Good luck with making your decision, wish I could help you make the decision but I have never had a pet so I wouldn't know!

    Maria xxx

  7. I agree with Hazel that if you are unsure she isn't the one for you. Wait until you feel 100% sure about a dog - there are plenty out there.

  8. Well my boyfriend's mum has a staffie pup just over a year old, and yes she is boisterous, but she has calmed down so much from when they first bought her. She is loving and full of fun and just a little bit cheeky. She is gorgeous and we all just love her.

    But only you can tell if she is right for you.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  9. Your scarf is so pretty :) xx

  10. I am not a dog person so I don't know what to say, other than I presume she is boisterous because she is young, but that clearly she would need a lot of attention and work. Which could be fine, not necessarily a problem, you just need to be sure you have the time and energy to give, or it wouldn't be fair to you or the dog. Both you and your husband need to agree wholeheartedly, though I have to say that I'm not sure what your family has to do with the decision! Unless you are expecting them to dog sit and help out, then their views would be a factor.
    If you aren't sure, I'm thinking you might be as well waiting a bit longer. There are plenty of dogs needing homes, you don't have to rush into anything.
    Of course, I really want to say - get a cat, they are so much easier! xxxxx

  11. I think I agree with Hazel- you will know whether she is right or not. Also, do you have the time to put in with her at this early stage- if yes,then great! Other than that, I'm not really a dog-person so it's hard to say, I am out too much to take care of one though I really enjoyed dog-walking through my teens as a job and really liked the cocker-spaniel and mongrel I walked! Lovely scarf by the way!x

  12. I think a different breed may take some adjustment, but I'm sure you would be able to adapt given a bit of time - it's going to feel strange, but if we didn't take chances, then we wouldn't ever be able to know the outcomes! If that makes any sense. If she's the one, then go with your gut instinct. p.s That scarf is really lovely xxx

  13. Another colour I love is teal. That is such a gorgeous outfit I love how the colours go together and that scarf is stunning x


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