Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tin foil Thai trout with red pepper noodles


This is a recipe from Lorraine Pascal’s book ‘Fast, fresh and easy’ which I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas. Strangely, I’ve really been drawn to Asian flavours with fish dishes. Feel free to point out if Thai isn’t in fact Asian, I am a geographical pleb. Trout is apparently quite a fishy fish, which just creeps me out but these flavours make it utterly delicious. Thanks Lorraine! This dish is one I prepared entirely by myself including the boning of the fish so I was rather chuffed with myself as not a bone was to be found when we ate. The noodles sadly were a bit rubbery. Next time I would probably cook them in stock and add a heck of a lot more soy to make them a bit more of a pleasure to eat.

Another dish I would encourage fish haters to try. I’m thinking of a ‘pro fish’ post of all the dishes that I find are good if you are none too keen on fish. Oh and I’m pretty sure my hair has become more manageable since making fish an important part of my diet. Worth a try, surely?


  1. Love fish, love Asian flavours, so I think I would love this! xxx

  2. Now this one looks right up my street! Love noodles xxx

  3. I love fresh trout, will be trying this! x

  4. Sounds lovely, I love Trout too xx


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