Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday Letters 024


High time for Friday Letters!

Dear Roxie, why are you so good at home only to be a total ass out and about? How abouts being a good girl all the time.

Dear Husband, you’re probably right (as usual) I do need to somehow de-stress and stop living in this highly strung state.

Dear self, calm down.

Dear boot collection, I love you and I know you’re a strong family that will probably keep growing.

Dear Mr Weatherman, I hear speak of snow again, how about you cancel that and give us some warmth instead. I’m feeling ready for Spring.


Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Oh Sophie, I hope you have a relaxed and fun filled weekend, you deserve it xxx

  2. Good advice to yourself! Its definitely a good idea to make time to slow down and breathe when you're stressed!

  3. Please buy some more boots and share them with us! And if you have any idea how to de-stress please send them my way too!



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