It’s Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I had no intention of posting anything this late on Christmas Eve but as I’ve microwaved my non-alcoholic mulled berry punch, flopped on the sofa with Love Actually I suddenly feel like sharing some Christmas spirit in a particularly cheesy fashion.

The past week has been hectic, it seems no matter how much I try to prepare in advance there is just a mountain of jobs to be done right at the last minute. We're hosting Christmas dinner at home with my family coming round so there is an endless amount of food preparation to do (we always consider getting another fridge as there is THAT much food to be kept) it tends to be all squashed in ok until we remember that drinks need to be chilled too. DAYYYMNNNN!

We’ve been baking – sausage rolls (pork & pickle, pork & mustard, pork & apple and pork & apricot)


I made some mince pies and apricot jam pies. There is some debate over just how homemade a pie can be if the pastry and filling is bought but let me tell you, they took me ages to cut out, assemble, cook (& clear up) so If we’re judging based on effort then they definitely qualify.


I left Husband in charge of marzipanning and icing the cake as I want nothing more to do with the burnt biatch.


I had a monstrous toil over what appears to be a very straightforward oven glove padded Christmas stocking for Nephew, with no less that three YouTube tutorials being watched and not understood (mainly because I had bought a ‘non fabric’ to use as the padding – fake snow, so I effectively had to make my own quilting before thinking about the separate lining and trim). I ended up with a rather ugly shaped boot but as Nephew is too young to have a clusie about what's going on I think I'm safe enough this year and I could always buy make another one next year if I'm too ashamed to re-present it again! The picture is actually way more flattering than it ought to be.


I visited my Gran in her care home on Monday  which was tough. I can’t face going at the best of times but try to make the effort to see her a couple of times a year (does that make me truly mean?). Gran has early dementia and can swing from quite with it to totally away with the fairies plus usually on a bit of a loop in terms of "there is no-one in here to talk to/the view from the window/nobody ever visits". Anyway, we had a good giggle, I painted her nails and wrote a message on her whiteboard in the hope she remembers I came by.


The build up to to Christmas, I have decided, is my absolute favourite thing about the season. I’m quite sad that it will be over so soon. Carols are no longer acceptable from Boxing Day onwards apparently, boo. The tree has been up since 30th November and thanks to Husband’s religious care and watering of it, the centrepiece looks fresh as a daisy. Impressive!


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful few days and that you're spending them with your loved ones.


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