This is my Boxing Day

Thursday, December 26, 2013

JpegAhhhh, it’s Boxing Day, the day after the manic main event of the season. I woke up this morning feeling the same as every other Boxing Day, a bit hungover about mid 10am (massive lay-in for me), the hangover was a surprise as I haven't had a drink yesterday (pinkie promise!) so I guess it was a mixture of dehydration and exhaustion. After numerous beverages and more than a couple of handmade Christmas cakey-biscuits I felt fine so we decided to head out for our walk with Lincoln. I was lucky enough to have a new hat and gloves to wear, it's always rather pleasing to crack open presents for their first use, isn't it?

It was a touch grey and dreary when we started out on our walk but it definitely brightened up on the home stretch with the sun trying to sneak out from behind the thick clouds.


The best thing about Boxing Day in my humble opinion is the bounty of leftovers available for the eating. The turkey was much larger than we needed so there is tons left for sandwiches and a couple of meals with the rest of the bird nesting in the freezer for the coming weeks. Husband loves to get a good wedge of ham, although we don't actually eat it on Christmas Day, so the same goes for that. Conveniently, there are quite a few pigs in blankets left plus oodles of stuffing (we forgot to serve it up yesterday!). The turkey sandwich eating begins! It has to be one of my favourite parts of Christmas.


So here I am, snuggled up on the sofa with my new slippers on (cute aren't they?) eating all the Christmas fare, watching Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, which has to be one of my favourites, reflecting on how lucky I've been this year. To be honest, yesterday wasn't the best of days but I didn't really mind (apart from doing the entire lot of washing up - and drying up for that matter - alone). Some of the presents were opened very late as we ran low on time and energy. I was utterly touched at the thoughtful gifts that I received. For me, it's really not abut the presents and I put far more thought into what I want to give other people than I ever give to what I may receive myself. Each year family always seem to be very generous in what they give us and it's so sweet. I took part in Char's bloggers secret Santa swap and I was lucky in receiving something very well considered for me. Haul posts aren't really my bag so I wont do a big talk through of all my presents (can be a bit in bad taste) but it's safe to say that some items will be cropping up as part of usual posts in the near future.

If you need me I'll be on my sofa, casually eating my own bodyweight in goodies and probably wearing my onesie (oh yes, I went there). See you soon, my lovely blog buddies x S


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