Degustabox September 2014 in review

Monday, October 27, 2014

Degustabox September 2014Degustabox September 2014Degustabox September 2014Degustabox September 2014

Better late than never, it's my review of the September Degustabox (which did arrive right in the dying moments of the month). So what was in the box? Let me tell you:

Bahlsen Pick up bars

The multipacks have 5 bars in each and each bar was a generous size. My favourite were the the black n whites but the milk chocolate ones were great too.

Little Miracles organic teas

The lemongrass tea was one I kind of didn't want to try as it sounded a little spicy but in fact it was delicious! The gingeryness really made for a revitalising drink, which I don't know if it does hold any miraculous cure for anything but certainly tasted thoroughly enjoyable. Thee green tea flavour one is still in the fridge awaiting testing...

Righteous salad dressings

The first one I tried was the raspberry & sweet basil dressing (eaten with a chicken salad) and it was a little sweeter than I'm used to but it grew on me very quickly and it's one I would go for again. The lemon & mustard seed dressing was more traditional and very nice. Blue cheese is something I'll be leaving in the cupboard, perhaps forever...

Elizabeth Shaw dark chocolate mint thins

Not my bag, so I allowed C to polish these off alone, which he obliged in double quick time. That would be a thumbs up then.

Crabbies lemonade with a twist of ginger

Oh my, this was delicious! What is happening to me, loving all things gingery lately?! I thought this might be too strong but no, it was gorgeous and I'm hoping to pick up some more soon.

Jordans Simply Granola

I really don't like the idea of granola; to me it's like eating gravel so I'm not going to try this until I've run out of everything else in the cupboards. Just being honest.

Crabbies fruits

I was sent the lemon one and I've not yet tried it. If I'd got the black cherry or rhubarb flavours I'd have drunk it a couple of weeks ago but lemon isn't tempting me quite so much.

Burts lentil waves

The sour cream and chives were the first choice and were perfect, crispy and tasty! Then I went for the sweet chilli which I liked just as much but last choice was the lightly salted... nah not for me.

Carnation cook with it

I'm dubious about what to do with this... it says for using instead of cream. I barely use cream (and only in minute quantities at that) so this may also gather dust in our cupboard...

La Vieja Fabrica Marmalade

This is the marmalade of choice for us already and my parents too. It's super scrummy and not going to break the bank. You can't get a better recommendation than that.

As usual I was pretty impressed with the contents of the Degustabox!


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