Running Commentary 006: Free Running and looking good

Friday, August 23, 2013


Top – Tesco, shorts – Nike via Sports Direct, shoes – Nike Free Runs c/o*

I like running but I don’t think that will be news to you. I’ve got two pairs of running shoes in my arsenal and I thought I’d got it made. My Dad threw doubt on my theory that my feet were in the best possible shoes for running by casually dropping in that apparently the best way to care for your feet is to run barefoot. Considering I’m a road runner, I scoffed at this just picturing getting ten meters down the road the road before howling at treading on a stone.

When Sportsshoes asked me if I’d like to give their Nike Free Runs a spin I have to admit I was rather curious to give them a try. These are totally different from the standard style of running shoes in that they have a different format of cushioning, designed for supporting your feet for a natural, more primitive style of barefoot running. Instead of running on your heels, they enable you to run lightly on the balls of your feet.


As you can see the soles are specially cut to be super flexible. I erred on the side of caution and went for the least barefoot-like Nike Lady Free 5.0  in a practical shade of grey with a pop of purple. They fit in a great snug way; a cross between a trainer and almost like a wet-shoe for the beach.

So, the big question is how did they perform? I decided to take them for a 5k (3.1mile) on a wet, slightly muggy evening. I run this distance every week and keep records of my times and being me, give it my best shot. My run turned out to be my fastest yet by quite a way: 22:25, even beating my competitive 5k race time by 19 seconds. So, although they wont take themselves for a run, they certainly helped me get a shift on, over and above my usual performance. I’m really excited to carry on with them to see what they can do in the long term!

I’ve also been asked to give my view on the concept of looking good while working out. I’ve been pondering this for the last few days and my mind has been going back and forth.


Over the years I’ve found that sportswear tends to make me look a bit slobby and tends to add pounds. In my experience, less is more – I feel far better about myself in this outfit than I ever will in tracksuit bottoms and a tee, even if my handkerchief shorts are kind of hilarious. When I work out I mean business. It always ends with me in an absolute mess; hair askew, red of face, a right sweat on, so frankly starting off with a faceful of makeup would be counter-productive, it would only end up sliding down to rest in my navel. Don’t get me wrong though – if some workout makeup became cheaply available that was sweatproof then I’d happily make a purchase. I’d love to look presentable instead of pretty ghastly! Essentially, workout in whatever is comfortable for you, but I can’t help thinking you’re wasting your time if you try to stay looking fresh at the expense of really making the most of your time in the zone.
*Thanks to Sportsshoes for gifting me the shoes to review. I’m looking forward to updating you on how they perform going forwards

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