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Friday, March 26, 2021


I'm more partial to searching out wild flowers on the ground but when we came across a pile of drying poop (presumably cattle) there was a lovely shiny beetle going about it's work which took my interest. Of course it was C who spotted it. We decided that as we don't get dung beetles in the UK it must be a beetle which just happened to be on an old pat. After a quick Google search, it turns out we actually do have dung beetles in the UK but not the kind which make a big dung ball and roll it away. Instead, this rather pretty looking beetle and his cousins. I can't get over that shine, it looks like it's been polished and buffed. 

Blackthorn starting to flower now.
Groundsel, which will flower and seed all year round, annoyingly.
There are so many speedwell flower buds which are about to open.
This spring has been full of long tailed tit sightings.
Lesser celandine is in flower everywhere. 

Chickweed with it's teeny, tiny flowers.
And white violets
Super frilly trumpeted daffodils.
Broom with new buds.
I'm trying harder to identify plants from their foliage. I want to say it's thingy. Nope, I can't get it yet.
I think this might be oak moss. Don't hold me that. 

Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care,

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