Sparham Pools in the Upper Wensum Valley

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sparham PoolsSparham Pools

Back in late August when the sun came out for the afternoon we found a brand new place to go that is quite the hidden gem. Sparham Pools is found in the Upper Wensum Valley just outside the village of Lyng which is north of Dereham. The entrance to the Norfolk Wildlife Trust reserve is almost completely unseen; it's a narrow track with just a public bridleway sign and no indication of what is found beyond. Despite looking for the place we still had to park elsewhere and walk to investigate. There is space for half a dozen cars to park if you do find it!

Sparham PoolsSparham PoolsSparham PoolsSONY DSCSparham Pools

Sparham Pools

Formerly a gravel pit, the reserve has been flooded to create a mix of both shallow and deep pools and islands with the established habitat proving to be a haven for wildlife; Chris had a few kingfisher sightings albeit fleetingly.

Sparham PoolsSparham PoolsSparham Pools

We walked around the circular path which takes you round the large (pictured) pool. It was a beautiful day and I thoroughly enjoyed a slow wander through the trees; taking in all the little details and stopping at the viewpoints to cast our eyes across the water. I could have took a chair and just drunk in the view all day; the elevated one at the start was a dream, a word of warning though; no barriers and a sharp deep drop.

Sparham PoolsSparham PoolsSparham PoolsSparham PoolsSparham PoolsSparham PoolsSparham PoolsSparham Pools


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