The paperbag shorts

Friday, June 18, 2021


After watching the Sewing Bee each week I am filled with ideas, inspiration and motivation to get moving on dressmaking projects of my own. Please don't tell me who won, I've not watched the final yet! It was on paperbag short week that I made a point of going on (and on) about making a pair for myself. So much so, that C very kindly went on a mission to find me a downloadable pattern, print it and completely assemble the paper into a huge grid for me. I was particularly happy about this although rather dubious of how to go about such a first solo off-piste project after my most helpful book which talks you through everything. The fabric was a polyester which I originally bought to make a dress from but after it arrived it did look like something travel agent from 2002 would be uniformed in so I stashed it and waited. To be fair, it looks fine for these shorts. 

Needless to say the project took a long time. Not only to decide what size to make the shorts - but to take every other step too. I mentioned before of my struggles to understand and process how to undertake each step. Reading, re-reading, googling, watching a YouTube tutorial... some parts took a lot of comprehending. Now I've worn them a few times, I think I should have made at least one size smaller as there is so much fabric but it's better that than too tight and not being able to sit down. The elastic waist is what keeps them wearable. All in all I'm thrilled with them and they look good enough for me. One pocket is deeper than the other after a bungle. I'm convinced one inner hem is either upside down or round the wrong way but it look ages to get the first one right then I just couldn't figure out the other one. They sit fine enough when I wear them. They move fine. They haven't unravelled. Yes, they are supposed to have a raised hem at the outside of the leg. 

It's a very forgiving fabric with this pattern!

I've been really enjoying learning to sew and hope to make many more items over the next few years, ones that I'll wear and wear until they're worn out.

Take care,

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