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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

girl sitting in summer meadow

Sometimes you find a picture that just sums everything up in one shot. Here it is; this is me. I'm sitting in the grass looking at the empty landscape in front of my eyes. Floral dress on, ankle boots and little bag. Hair loose and wild with a couple of flowers for good measure. Yes, that's me and how I like to think of myself.

girl sitting in summer meadow

Dress – Asos (old), boots – Shoezone, necklace – Nova Silver, bag – Aluna J (Norwich), everything else – old and random

girl sitting in summer meadowgirl sitting in summer meadow

After four and a half years of looking at photographs of myself several times a week it's still quite weird. Does it ever get less weird? I don't tend to explain the concept of fashion blogging to people that aren't already in the know.... it sounds dreadfully narcissistic when you say you take photographs of yourself and share them on the internet. It's an odd thing to say about yourself. But my passion for clothes has always been there, sometimes worn on my sleeve and other times just bubbling steadily below the surface. I clearly remember the summer holidays before starting sixth form; I went shopping with my best friend and her family. We bought new clothes in preparation (as there was no uniform, for the first time in our educational lives). It was so exciting! I made a spread sheet for the first term of outfits to wear, ensuring that I never wore the exact same combination twice. Granted, that's a bit nerdy. My outfits were hideous at that age of course... it was the early 2000's and slobby dressing with jeans and trainers was what everyone was wearing. A dress or skirt and heels would have been a really out of keeping choice of look in those days but that's a post for another day.

girl sitting in summer meadow

These days I wear exactly what I feel like and when. It's my life and I'll live it how I please, thank you.


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