Latitude festival 2015 Part 3

Monday, August 10, 2015

Latitude festival 2015

My third and final post about our time at Latitude festival this summer. The sunset one evening was beautiful and as we colonised around the Lake stage the attention of some people was hijacked by the steady disappearance of the sun. It was almost as if some of them had never seen such a sight... everyone snapping away on their phones like it was some sort of unusual solar activity. C and I decided, upon a brief contemplation, that city folk just don't see as much empty sky as us country folk and therefore a sunset in a huge empty sky is a completely rare and spectacular sight indeed. I sometimes take for granted just how lucky we are with the quantity and quality of sky we live under in East Anglia.

Latitude festival 2015Latitude festival 2015

The Lake stage was a favourite to gravitate towards during the day. On the Friday evening I was keen to see Alt J on the Obelisk stage and dragged along C, Hazel and S. I wasn't disappointed. It was amazing... such memorising music in a chilled out environment. Really memorable. The Faraway Forest was one of my favourite places to linger. I decided to go partying in the early hours, so after Alt J, took a power nap for an hour or so before layering up and heading out with a rather dubious C in tow. The forest was quieter and a little darker at night, I wandered and danced until 2:30 am before calling it a night and returning to bed.

Latitude festival 2015

We returned to the Obelisk stage on Saturday night for Porthishead and again, the music was almost hypnotic (although to be fair I was feeling quite unwell after being boiled in the 6 music tent listening to Catfish and the Bottlemen).. I spent a while half dozing before going for a rather determined walk for the toilets before bed.

Latitude festival 2015

Kate Simko and the London Electronic Orchestra early evening at the Waterfront stage on Sunday had to be one of my absolute highlights of the whole weekend. C and I, in an unprecedented spate of organisation, took a blanked to lay on, and set ourselves up comfortably under the shade of the nearby trees and enjoyed the audio gift that was bestowed upon us and the small crowd around. Such a beautiful demonstration of talent and creativity.

Latitude festival 2015

The festival was bursting at the seams with the weird, the wonderful and the unexpected. The yoga each morning was popular. I can only conclude they hadn't just consumed a bucket of coffee and a greasy bacon butty like their slightly more aged counterparts... The fire organ was a neat idea; fire dancing to the music (less of a practical demonstration and more of an impromptu lesson in physics but enjoyable nevertheless).

Latitude festival 2015Latitude festival 2015Latitude festival 2015

I'd love to report that I'd ridden on the helter skelter but it was part of the kids' zone which automatically alienated me from the roped off area; both well above sweet 16 and without a toddler in tow it wasn't really appropriate to dwell in there. Though why they had a woodturning demonstration in there was frankly beyond me.

So what did I wear? Well it always started with shorts. A top. And flowers in my hair. My Cath Kidston polkadot plimsolls and also my brown ankle boots. Often with glittery eyeliner, sadly hidden behind dark sunglasses (it really was super sunny almost the whole weekend). My intention was to take outfit photos each day but in fact I either forgot or gave it a miss due to feeling like I looked far too dishevelled so these are about the sum total.

Latitude festival 2015Latitude festival 2015Latitude festival 2015

Am I returning next year?

I certainly hope so.


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