Orla Kiely Heattech from Uniqlo

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Orla Kiely Heattech UniqloOrla Kiely Heattech Uniqlo

Orla Kiely Heattech Uniqlo

Turtle neck t-shirt – Orla Kiely Heattech from Uniqlo, skirt – charity shop, boots – Yull, tights – M&S

How to keep warm in the colder months is something I give thought to as keeping me warm eventually leads to keeping me happy. "Start with a vest" is something my Dad tried to drill into me as a teen. You can't get teens to wear vests all that easily, let me tell you. I resisted for years but when I finally succumbed to the white thermal vests bought for me I reluctantly admitted that I'd been wrong. These days I can be found with a thermal base layer for around half the year and although I love the snug hug they give my main gripe is that at least half my collection has a really annoying frill to the neckline and the neckline itself is too high to the neck and isn't guaranteed to be covered by a top, tee or open necked shirt. I've been eyeing up the Heattech range from Uniqlo for ages now so I finally made a choice on what I wanted and asked for it for Christmas. The first thing I noticed was what a neat package it arrived in and immediately then how lovely the print is. I think I'd not zoomed in on the screenshot and for some reason got it into my head that it was more of a polka dot print whereas it is actually butterflies or flying clover, so pretty!

Orla Kiely Heattech Uniqlo

I have the size small (bitter experience tells me ordering anything ever from anywhere in a XS only ends in tears. Looking at you Shock absorbers - getting half stuck was alarming) and in fact it is half fitted but not uncomfortably so. When I order another (next Christmas, if I'm fortunate) I'll probably go for the same size as it is snug enough for my liking. The fact that it is a vest and a top in one is a real bonus as it is so pretty I'm happy to have it on display - it doesn't look vesty in the slightest. The material is much thinner than I expected, it is very light in weight but I can't deny that it did keep me a good temperature in the house and when I popped out to get these pictures (mild winter weather). As I'm a girl that really feels the cold I'm going to layer it up for the super cold days as it definitely wont be enough for me on it's own. The turtle neck is ideal for keeping my neck and upper shoulders and chest warm, I really have to get myself more tops with this neckline to keep me happy when it's cold.

Have you got into base layers? Tell.me.everything.


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  1. I will forever love that skirt! x

  2. Love this outfit! I think you would look great in some of our vintage skirts! :)
    Becky x

  3. That shirt looks great on you! Very cool combined with the plaid skirt--I wouldn't have thought to mix the two, but it works!
    I've been eyeing the same Uniqlo collection recently, and your review may be the push I need to buy it! My problem is that a lot of the time, I get overheated indoors (and especially on the subway, blech). . . do you find that you get too hot indoors, or is it about like a normal turtleneck?

    1. Nope, not too hot indoors at all. You should try it :)

  4. Oh nice! I like it. Looks great with that skirt too.
    I layer up but I find vests too claustrophobic. I start with a thin base and them add a couple if woolly layers and a scarf. I'm always amazed at how much warmth I get from a scarf. Good socks are essential too, I love my socks (cat and footwear versions!)

  5. Love this. I used to work outside and know all about base layers but none were as stylish as this!

  6. I too have an OK Uniqlo top, and also a plain cream one [which I am wearing at this very minute] I LOVE them both - they fit well, wash well and FEEL fabulous. Your skirt is great too!!

  7. Never would have thought that was a thermal base layer type top, it's lovely! You have such a fab figure x


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