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Wednesday, March 24, 2021


It's been joyful to welcome back old friends to the scene; flowers and foliage are appearing with increasing frequency. What an exciting time of year. No, it's not warm or blissfully peaceful like summer but there is plenty to see and hear. Birdsong is lovely each morning and a lot of the time during daylight hours. 

I spent a while trying to photograph skylarks to no avail. If you're out near fields you can often hear their song; distinctive because it's non-stop. They don't pause to draw breath and continue with a changing selection of melodies. It's much harder to spot them as they hover above the field and can get ever so high. If you do happen to see them on the ground they might be mistaken for a sparrow, or at least to my dreadful eye, everything small and brown might well be a sparrow. 

Big birds in flight. Based on what I'd expect to see in our skies, I'm assuming they are buzzards.
Below, there is a definite red patch on this little birds head. Predictably, my book doesn't clear it up decisively, so I had a google and I'd like to say it's a linnet.

This little one looks striped. Who knows?

Cleavers or sticky weed. Looking fresh in the morning light.
Daffodillio. Lovely!
Lambs a plenty. This crew look like they are ready to move on to another patch of field...
Found this tiny nest in the hedge from last year. I don't imagine such a shelter-less hedge is appealing to any birds at present. 
The odd blackthorn is now in flower but only roadside or ones away from paths. The rest are chasing.
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