Thank you

Thursday, July 07, 2016

thank you
Lately, I've been feeling very grateful.
Thank you for your support over the last few weeks, months.... years.
It is quite something to have an opportunity to share my passions in a way which are conveyable. My fascination with capturing the natural world results in hundreds of photographs each month. I manage to filter out some of my favourites to share on here, along with a few thoughts. It is a privilege to hear back from like-minded people.
Much as I enjoy this blog as a creative outlet as it is, I would like to see it grow and stay true to it's roots. It would be lovely if more people wanted to read it, would be lovely to work on some projects in the future on things I love; though I have no such aspirations of making it a business. It would be a crying shame for it to become a chore and a stress. Hobbies are best kept as just that, else you have to find a new hobby to become your diversion. Posting Monday to Friday suits me fine, with no set schedule and nobody to let down. If I miss a day, so what? If I feel like just posting a picture and no words, so what? Hardly the end of the world.
I'll evaluate opportunities as they come and continue to only share what suits.

Thank you for returning. I really, really appreciate it.

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