Thursday, March 25, 2021


It's not often I wear a midi skirt and certainly rare I wear one with this much volume. Going back probably a couple of years I bought this in a blog sale. It's a lovely shirt dress with lovely sleeves, stiff collar and button down front. the shirt is big, swooshy and has a bit of weight to it, plus most brilliantly, pockets. 

It's been cold. Too cold for just a nice dress so I had to compromise and wear this tiny cropped jumper on top. At least it allows the lovely belt of the dress to be bowed up and remain a feature instead of being swallowed up into an awkward bulky lump. 
Big muddy boots because it's still absolutely mucky as heck in some places. Although it's evidently drying up in most places, it's not the case across the board. Of course they're not exactly becoming of the ensemble but I's have mud clad pretty shoes (and ankles) if I wore anything else. I suppose the most diligent of bloggers would probably bring a bag with nice footwear to change into for a scenic spot, but that's beyond my level of patience and besides, if you had any notion of what a labour these boots are to lace up to the correct tension then you would understand. 
Making the most of that quantity of fabric. I could be one of those dollies that sit over loo rolls. Grandma used to have one of those.
It's not a kilt. It's not.
Take care,

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