A little forest bathing

Thursday, November 01, 2018

The first of November. How ridiculous.
I can hear the rain tipping it down outside which makes a change from yesterday's frost. Have the dahlias been knocked into dormancy yet? I have plans for the space going into late autumn and am anxious not to miss the boat.
Here's some more from our forest bathing at the weekend. Blue skies, sunshine and rays of lemony light. It had a remedial, balmy feel once we left the company of the dog walkers the peacefulness of the woodland infiltrated our minds. From now on we must head into the forest more often.

Some kind of spent mushroom. (eww).

Above, red clover.
Below, wild scabious. Yes, I wore fingerless gloves as it was chilly!

After a bit of puzzling I think this fluffy purple flower must be greater knapweed.

We spied this exciting huge long flower spike which intrigued me.
Above, you can see the leaves are glossy and dark - it's dark mullein. See how it contrasts to the velvet leaves of the great mullein below.

This fungi was just revolting.

Plenty to see.
Take care,

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