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Friday, January 25, 2019

If you haven't yet caught up on the post I wrote recently about dabbling in essential oils then maybe now is a good chance to do so before tackling today's post but here we go.
It was on a trip to Boots in town that I discovered the Tisserand oil roller blends. There are only two items I visit boots for; being the chewable multivitamins I like and anti-snore spray. I was perusing the shelves and my eyes zeroed in on the Tisserand ranges of oils. They came in boxes of three (on a 3 for 2) so I bought the little box(es) of relaxation, energy and sleep it came to £23.90 in total I think). I really like the idea of these and the blends are all different.
Apologies they look a little tatty but they've been rolling round in my bag for months.
They all smell lovely, I like each one but they just do not last. I suspect it's me as I cannot get any sort of perfume to stick with me and although I don't mind re-applicating frequently it is a bit annoying that I can't detect it at all after a short time. The one which has seen so much use it has run out and since been binned was the 'sleep better' blend which I made part of my bedtime ritual between using the anti-snore throat spray and coating my hands in thick cream. I probably drew too much on but for the half minute of consciousness before drowning in deep sleep the scent was very calming. I've since switched to the 'breathe deep' haha, mega snore more like...
I was a bit sad to find that the 'stay positive' and 'real calm' blends aren't sold separately like most of the others as I have the other two in each of the multipacks (motivation and mindfulness).

When I started browsing Holland and Barrett for oils I found that they too sold a range of roller balls. There were 2 more in the range I didn't buy* and the week before last when I had a voucher to use I tried to find them and realised that none of them are sold anymore. I was so disappointed! These Dr Organic aroma rollers have been the best ones for a couple of reasons. Firstly the scent lasts better, especially on my favourite 'travel ease'. Yes, I though what a weird name but perfect for someone like me who would rather not be budged from well trodden routes literally and metaphorically. And does it help? Well it smells nice and I enjoy that so it transmits some positivity and that never goes amiss. Secondly, the metal ball it rolls on with is cooling and therefore is physically calming to the temples, wrists and behind the ears. Which leads me on to that's where I roll them. And a bit on my neck. It suggests nape of your neck but I'm unsure where to find my nape so any old space will have to do. Thirdly, when I bought them I though the price was really good.
*Since writing I popped into the Holland and Barrett store and found most of them on CLEARANCE at £2 each so I bought a fistful which includes the 'diet' one which claims to ease cravings (I won't be using it for the purposes of trying to stop snacking) but sadly still no sleep aid Lavender or additional de-stress. 

Do any of them 'do' what they're supposed to? I can't answer that but I like to get a wave of scent and it makes me happy. The de-stress although has a lavender scent is pleasant. In fact I have come round to Lavender of late. I still don't like it but I can respect it for it's individuality.
No idea where I can buy these from now, if at all.
Even though you may think I have a good selection to draw from I'm always on the look out for a new source to try. 

Have you ever tried roller ball essential oil blends? Do you have any recommendations for me?

Take care,

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