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Friday, May 21, 2021


Long time, no post. Why? It's been a dreadful few months really, too much on at work which really dragged me down. Times like that force you decide where to direct your remaining energy and to take care of yourself. I know what's good for me, fortunately I know lots of things that are good for me but there's a limit to how thinly you can spread yourself. I make no bones about winter being my nemesis, though this year's was satisfactory - a great improvement of many gone before. The onset of spring is what brings my soul back to life, I feel myself revelling in each new blossom opening, each leaf unfurling and the glow of the sun feeding my spirits. The good hours, the daylight and sunshine all must be spent outdoors for a thorough feed and revitalise, so that we did. It's been lovely. Yes, it's been a slapdash spring in terms of weather but there's been so much to see, hear and smell that I forgive willingly. The camera clocked up many hours out and I've took about 1200 pictures that haven't been posted. Sad really, but the joy I took in taking them was just the same. 

What else did I do? My training (workouts) which has taken centre stage since around September. It's been a keystone to my life for years but since I started a proper training plan it feels like so much has clicked into place and finally the breakthrough I needed was made. It's become a ringfenced part of my life so no matter how hectic things have got, I've insisted on taking that time for myself and feel all the better for it. My mind clears, my body works and there's a peace that's made. Yoga was started last year in March which I particularly enjoyed but I often found that the time I did it wasn't convenient. More recently I've been incorporating yoga flows into my cool down stretching which feels a lot more in synch with my breath, body and focus. I've even managed a lovely second and a bit crow flight. Very exciting. 

What else did I do? The garden, allotment, greenhouse and flower patch. You have to keep up with these or they walk all over you. The time spent on these is almost always peaceful time. 

What else? I've continued on my sewing journey, trying to keep finding snippets of time to complete a step here and there. The Sewing Bee has been even more enjoyable this year as I feel like I'm part of the club, I know much of what they are talking about and it's super fun. I'm trying to pick up some useful tips too for future use. Once the weather warms up I will be able to wear my own summery creations; two blouses, a skirt, a dress and hopefully if I can finish them soon my paper-bag shorts. Although I entered into the world of sewing with THE FEAR, it has been so much fun to work through making these items. I'm making countless mistakes which hopefully will hold me in good stead for knowledge and understanding in future. I've been wearing my winter skirt several times, though it isn't the best fit!! And my Japanese style utility apron which again, isn't the best fit. 

I've missed blogging immensely as it is my creative outlet for having the conversations I want to have. Well, soliloquy more like. Much of my thoughts haven't made it out anywhere else. Writing down each post and mulling over the photographs is a definite therapy for me of sorts and one I wouldn't want to go too long without (she says having already gone too long without it).

I'm not saying I'll be here weekdays from now on, but I'd very much like to be. Let's say I'll be here if I can. 

Take care,


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