Tuesday, December 03, 2013

water droplets on leaves

Sometimes I question why I blog.


Sometimes I debate if I should just stop.

Have you ever watched the episode of Buffy where she flicks between herself in Sunnydale and herself as a patient in a hospital with a mental illness? Blogging does seem quite like this, especially when your blog is something of a secret to all but one. So intangible, like a parallel life where everything is different and you get sucked in to the whole blogging lifestyle then snap back to reality. It's strange to think I have this whole second existence on an essentially imaginary platform. I can choose to open the lid of my laptop and put together posts to share of what I get up to and then when I'm done I can just close the lid and it's all gone.

Sometimes I wonder if I should just get on with real life and forget about wasting time taking pictures, spending hours editing and writing posts, promoting my blog, reading other posts, taking part in chats... Should I instead spend my time working on real life? After almost three years of blogging regularly; 857 posts, to be exact has it all been a royal waste of time?

Sometimes I wonder


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