Tuesday, December 03, 2013

water droplets on leaves

Sometimes I question why I blog.


Sometimes I debate if I should just stop.

Have you ever watched the episode of Buffy where she flicks between herself in Sunnydale and herself as a patient in a hospital with a mental illness? Blogging does seem quite like this, especially when your blog is something of a secret to all but one. So intangible, like a parallel life where everything is different and you get sucked in to the whole blogging lifestyle then snap back to reality. It's strange to think I have this whole second existence on an essentially imaginary platform. I can choose to open the lid of my laptop and put together posts to share of what I get up to and then when I'm done I can just close the lid and it's all gone.

Sometimes I wonder if I should just get on with real life and forget about wasting time taking pictures, spending hours editing and writing posts, promoting my blog, reading other posts, taking part in chats... Should I instead spend my time working on real life? After almost three years of blogging regularly; 857 posts, to be exact has it all been a royal waste of time?

Sometimes I wonder


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  1. I have similar thoughts on occasion. But then I look at what I get from blogging - a record of my life (even if I'm the only one who reads it), a creative outlet, a chance to meet new people (you), a chance to share ideas and be part of a community that is positive, like minded and supportive.
    I hope you do continue, you've created a wonderful blog and you put so much into it x

  2. Yeah, I get these thoughts from time to time but on the whole I just love blogging too much. I hope you don't give it up! xo

  3. I think we all get like this sometimes! But don't give up! I think you've done a great job on this blog and I enjoy reading it! :) xxx

  4. I like to think of my space a place where I can be truly myself. Sometimes I want to talk about books with other people who also want to talk about books, and I don't have anyone 'in real life' who would want to do that with me. I've been able to connect with an array of people whom I never would have had the pleasure of getting to know if I didn't have my space online. I don't think of it as separate because it's part of who I am now since I've been doing it for so many years.

    I think if taking pictures and writing posts really does feel like nothing but a waste of time, then maybe it's not what you should be doing? I personally think you've created a lovely place to spend a few minutes, but it should first and foremost be a nice place for you to spend some time & if it's not then you should invest your time in something that makes you happy.

    Jennie xo |

  5. It's definitely NOT a waste of time - just think you have all those posts worth of memories stacked up forever!

    I've only recently discovered your blog and love it! Why do you feel the need to keep your blog a separate world to real life? Can you not integrate the two in some way?

    Katie <3

  6. I know what you mean.(and I husband would agree with you at times). I discovered some old school friends read my blog and I am hideously embarrassed. Mainly because of outfit shots and how shallow that must come across, particularly as I'm not really fashionable or particularly neat or original. When I see her at the station some mornings, I think, "has she read it?" . But then I love reading it back and remembering times. I like the "art form" of creating different outfits from elements, the forum for ideas, the positive feelings you get from lovely comments, writing FOR an audience, for the lovely friends, like you, that I've made and I do like the whole 'secret world' of it, even if I am ridiculously easy to find!!!!! The only reservation I'd have is potential employers though I've never said anything too derogatory about my job or anything confidential, have I? Please don't give up, I love your blog, its literally the 2nd blog I go to every day!!! X

  7. I think we all have these thoughts sometimes. I haven't blogged as much as I like to lately as "real life" has been busy and a part of me has really missed it while in a way its been nice to have a bit of distance and I haven't feel guilty about not posting "enough". I think so long as you are happy with what you're doing its not a waste of time, if I ever got to the stage were I had to force myself to sit down and blog I'd question why I was doing it - keep it on your terms and by your rules! x

  8. I don't think it's been a waste of time if at any point in the future you go back and read any of your posts and remember the outfit/experience/meal fondly and it makes you smile!
    That's such a huge amount of posts too!
    Ultimately it is your decision of course!

  9. I know what you mean, and without my husband's encouragement I think I would have stopped blogging a long time ago. In fact I was really close to hitting the delete button this year. I'm glad I didn't stop. I wish my blog was bigger, better, had more acknowledgement in the wider world, but I'm happy that I have it to share my experiences, what I do and get up to. After four years I still find it hard to blog for myself, and please myself about my blog rather than trying to please everyone. Sometimes my posts don't get comments and it hits a little, I should get use to it after all this time!


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