Litcham Common

Wednesday, June 04, 2014


At the weekend we took a ride out to Litcham Common for a wander. I was fearful that I wouldn't even make it out of the car to start with as I'd forgotten they have loose ponies grazing on the common and I maintain a strict no cows, no horses policy. However, it became apparent that these placid grazers were not the slightest bit interested in us at all so we decided to brave it.


The environment of the common was a little underwhelming if I'm honest; it wasn't all that exciting and the general scenery looked a little drab. However, on closer inspection there was quite a lot to see and it made for such a quiet, pleasant walk.


It did get a little boggy underfoot in parts, we did our best to skirt round them.



We’ve been on several little adventures lately and I can’t wait to share them with you. It’s so exciting to be let loose in the Norfolk countryside in the spring, it’s pretty much summer already and the thought of planning more days out makes my heart burst with excitement. Do you have plans for summer?


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