Tipping point

Friday, December 27, 2013


Jacket, jumper and blouse – charity shop, trousers – River Island, boots – Mikaela via Sarenza

I’ll admit it, I have a tartan problem. Every other outfit I wear has a plaid print and it fills me right up with happiness. My Jaeger jacket is an obvious choice to wear with these trousers and the green jumper seems perfect for this tipping point between autumn and winter. I do think greens and browns are just right at this time of year, although if I count up which other colours I feel are just right at this time of year we'd probably have the majority of the rainbow.

It’s a funny old time twix Christmas and new year. Not least because I have a few days off with pretty much nothing pressing to do; all the cleaning has been done before Christmas and I get to chill out and ponder my resolutions for next year. In fact I'm in two minds whether to make any at all for 2014, it seems I either stick to them like glue or abandon all effort altogether with very little in between. Needless to say I absolutely cannot face another year without alcohol. I'll be dedicating a post to that in the coming weeks. What are you getting up to?


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