It’s beginning to look a lot like Chrismas

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas films

Christmas has crept up on me good and proper this year and I’ve been so busy that I’ve almost missed blogging about it altogether save my Christmassy trip to Elveden. Anyway, I thought I'd just have a festive waffle while I've got a spare minute. We've made a start on our 'must-see' Christmas viewing, our DVD and Blu-ray collection expands a bit each year. My personal favourites being The Holiday and Love Actually but essentially anything with a bit of snow and a bit of cheesy festive cheer is fine by me. Four Christmases is one we are missing and is worth a watch if it happens to be on telly again this year.   

mulled winter punch and iced mince pies

If you follow me on Twitter you might have heard that I’ve been consuming iced mince pies at an alarming rate and I’m starting to look like one.  I picked up this Mulled winter punch (non-alcoholic) whilst at Elveden and it is simply divine.! I’ve just warmed it up a little and sipped it out of a mug (classy – yea?) it’s made a lovely alternative to the mulled cider I enjoyed so much of last year.. Plus it was only £3 a bottle which is pretty reasonable.

Christmas fabric

I bought some super cute Christmas fabric with the genius idea of making a Christmas stocking for my Nephew but as yet that has not quite materialised. I’ve got a couple of hours of beavering away if I want to get it finished on time, eeek. Wish me luck!

santa hat

I’ll leave you with my festive look, I've been sporting my hat for a few weeks now. What are you doing to get in the festive mood?


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  1. Loving the festive look Sophie. A bit like you it seems to be passing all to quickly. I still have a carol service or two to attend and a festive day out the weekend (hopefully)

    The Christmas T-shirt has been out a few times too.

    X x

  2. Aw, you look all set with that stack of DVDs, I must get hold of ELF! x

  3. aww the fabric is so cute! Loving your DVD picks it's all about Jingle all the way and Elf :) I've never had iced mince pies, we have eaten our way into our pie stash already haha come Christmas day we will have none. Loving the hat xx

  4. Looks like you are well and truly in the festive spirit! I love Muppet Christmas Carol and yule log this time of year x

  5. Ha ha, I love your,hat, spotted it in your,profile pic!!! X

  6. Oh my god I love The Holiday and LOve Actually they have to be my favourite christmas films. I love your photo of you in the hat too :) x

  7. Love Actually is THE Christmas film to watch! Love the idea of making a stocking! I really don't like mulled wine/cider though. I can't get my head around drinking hot drinks other than tea and hot chocolate!

    Katie <3

  8. Iced mince pies - why did I not know about these?! I saw a similar spiced berry punch in Sainsburys and popped a few in my trolley, I'm attempting a less alcoholic Christmas this year (I don't know how you've managed a year - but good on you!)
    I have a hankering to watch The Holiday again, I kinda remember the story but not really very well. I'm going to see if it's on LoveFilm Instants :)
    Christmas has crept up on me too - got to get all my cards written tonight!

  9. I love your stack of DVDs - they're all so perfect!

    Jennie xo |

  10. I'm not gonna lie, I am SO impressed by that DVD collection.

    Hmm maybe...


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