Discovering the snowdrop meadow

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Apologies if you saw this yesterday, I accidentally published it early in a fit of enthusiasm!
While out enjoying the sunshine at the weekend we discovered an amazing snowdrop and aconite meadow. It spilled out from a churchyard into distinctly private property so we enjoyed the view and marvelled at the quantity of wild flowers in bloom. It had a magical feel to the place; as if there were thousands of snow white bells were ringing at an imperceptible frequency yet filling the air with a feeling nevertheless. I'm sure I've heard that snowdrops have a scent too but honestly I cannot pick up a thing so I can only conclude they either don't, they only have a scent at a certain part of the day or I am immune to detecting it altogether.

See the bee?

Above, the bee in mid flight with an abundance of flowers to choose from.

Aren't they beautiful?
Take care,

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  1. They are absolutely lovely. I WILL get round to planting some bulbs in the garden this year

  2. 😀 I agree all the years I’ve worked with nature and in the countryside I’ve never really smelt anything other than damp earth around them nice in itself 😀 legend is Flora the goddess of nature gave carnival costumes to all and have the snowdrop and Snow White costumes They sang and danced and made such friendship they agreed to meet together in early spring every year 😀

  3. Great find , beautiful display the Aconites yellow and green in contrast with the white of the Snowdrops well captured in your pictures.


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