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Friday, May 18, 2018

There's some bad news and to be honest I'm feeling a little gloomy about it. My beloved camera which has served me so well for the past few years (maybe three?) has shown strong signs of wearing out. Quite frankly, I cannot blame my poor Sony A58 for I've bled it's capability dry with relentless and merciless usage. How many pictures have I snapped? Thousands and thousands. It's pooped. The lens is fine as it works a treat on the larger camera base but with mine the focus box says it's in focus but it really isn't. This hasn't been a problem when it's me taking shots as I just use my eye but for the outfit pictures C takes of me it's posed a real issue. The camera says all is well but I'm a blur...

So the wore news is that my type of camera is no longer in production, nor an equivalent. Mine was small and light whereas the current alternatives are either much bigger and heavier or a much smaller camera which use a completely different lens mount so I'd have to surrender my 50mm lens too. Oh doom! I don't want to jump ship, change is as bad as the end.

More spring flowers are starting to appear while others disappear; possibly cuckoo flower above, lesser celandine below.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care,

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