Mustard is your friend

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

how to wear a tank tophow to wear a tank tophow to wear a tank top
Let's just take a moment to applaud this gorgeous strip of wild flowers still in bloom in mid September, I think that's pretty marvellous. When the temperatures take a dive, I tend to reach for a nice thick shirt and a knitted tank to keep me cosy. There are not enough tank tops being worn these days, let me tell you! I maintain that keeping warm starts from the core; vest, top, long sleeved item and then a snug knitted tank to keep all the warmth in before a giant jumper. Don't even think of whining to me that you're cold unless you're dressed appropriately, there will be no sympathy from me!
how to wear a tank tophow to wear a tank tophow to wear a tank top
Mustard. It's a colour that was everywhere a few years ago for Autumn yet these days people shy away from this bold shade of yellow. It's seasonal, it's bright, it's cheerful. Don't shy away from mustard, mustard is your friend. Be kind to mustard for one day, when your mind clears and you see the light, you too will want to to cosy up with this autumnal shade. Mark my words.

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  1. Ha! I can imagine your response to someone shivering - are you wearing a vest? No? then it's your own fault you're cold! Tough love - brilliant.
    I love mustard (the colour, not so keen on the condiment) but it's not for me, it makes me look really ill. I tried to convince myself the other day that a mustard yellow raincoat with gorgeous huge buttons would suit me. It didn't, I knew it wouldn't but I had to buy it anyway (come on - £3.49??) it's back in the charity bag.
    I also I agree that tank tops are glorious, but they don't suit me either, or rather I haven't found 'the one' yet...
    You're looking fabulous as ever my dear!

  2. Mustard certainly suits you. I remember tank tops coming into fashion (again) a few years ago and I also remember the one I sent to you too. I love your desire to be bold and beautiful - you are both Sophie x x x

  3. Mustard is great!! I bought a mustardy cardigan from Mistral in the summer and Clara Onward is wearing one in this week's Doctor Who! You're in good company!!! You look very pretty and cheery in this ensemble and I applaud the wild flowers-what a charming backdrop!x


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