I took a break

Monday, September 28, 2015

taking a break

I took a break. We disappeared off for a fortnight for some simplicity, fresh air and freedom. I've ensured that this blog is an extension of all things good in my life; a place where I can share all the joys I come across, but equally I never wanted to become a slave to maintaining a consistent broadcast irrespective of what's going on in my life. I don't really remember taking a fortnight off blogging since I started. Sometimes I took a few guest posts to fill the void in the earlier days, other times I rationed my own posts and scheduled them to go live while I was away (or worse still, blogged on holiday).

taking a breaktaking a break

I'm not entirely sure I needed a break. A break from a hobby is something of a pleasure-drought it could be said. However, I suspect that C needed me to take a leave of absence from the laptop, as most evenings (all, bar a rare few) I can be found tapping away on my keys looking square-eyed into my screen until my mind gives up and I slump over when exhaustion kicks in. So it was important that whilst on holiday I was entirely present and not just 'hmmming' from behind a box. Hence no posts from me. An unexpected absence.

taking a breaktaking a breaktaking a break

I have hundreds of photographs from summer which may never surface as they look distinctly 'last season' now (which saddens me) as well as the fact that I can no longer remember which ones I've looked through and edited and frankly it takes so long that I get frustrated spending so long doing something with nothing to show for it. I'm not sure how many of these holiday photos will see the light of day either; time moves so fast that often things become irrelevant before they get looked at again. In an ideal world I'd be able to instantly process a day's photographs within a few hours and share them the next morning with all the details still hot off the press, but that's just a pipe dream.

taking a breaktaking a breaktaking a break

We first spent a week in the north east corner of the Lake District. This set of pictures is from when we took a short ride out of Keswick to take a little walk on a cloudy day. The threat of rain lingered in the air but that's where it predominantly stayed. I took photographs. I hope you like them.

taking a break

More soon.


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