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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Luxemme review Charissa

I'm not naked. That's the first thing I want to say.

The second thing is that this two piece is one of the most unusual things I've worn in a while and it's made me realise how light my tan is this year! I can hardly be described as 'brown as a berry' this year, although where that illogical saying comes from is beyond me.

Luxemme review CharissaLuxemme review Charissa

When I saw this Charisse suede crop two piece I immediately thought it would be perfect on safari. Not in the traditional sense;I mean more of a shopping safari on the mean streets of the city. Binoculars in hand, ready to spot those bargains from long range and a long life bag ready to carry home the spoils.

Luxemme review Charissa

A strong pair of boots were called for and my new sale buy from River Island definitely fulfilled the brief. How much do I love these boots? I can't even quantify. Platform, sturdy high heel, lace up and a buckle too.... All sorts of awesome. Finally, the outfit wouldn't be complete without some accessories and loose hair having it's own party.

Luxemme review Charissa

Thanks to Luxemme for sending me the shorts and top to wear! It's a limited edition piece so if you're after one then you'd better not dilly dally or you'll miss the boat. It's faux suede, in case you're wondering or are worried. And it's really soft too. I'm thinking of layering under the top for Autumn to keep me toasty.

Have you ever worn a two piece?


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  1. You look all shades of stunning.
    I don't get the brown as a berry reference either. Berries aren't brown.
    I've never worn a two piece, unless you count a pale pink polka dot monstrosity with ribbons and a scalloped collar and hem that my Mother made me wear when I was 9.
    This would look great layered up for Autumn. You could wear the top over a maxi dress... and those boots - love!

  2. This looks gorgeous on you!!! The suede is perfect for fall and great for layering! Those boots are absolute love for me!

    Jasmine :)

  3. I've never really done the two piece thing as they tend to involve a cropped top and I can't wear those.

  4. check you out!! twit twoo. I am also in love with those boots.

  5. That looks really good on you! I like the scalloped hem of the shorts! So pretty! Not sure I could wear this- would look awful and I'd have to reveal my podgy tummy!x

  6. Oh wow, you look amazing Sophie, that outfit looks so good on you and compared to me, and for someone who can't tan you're looking golden! I love the way you styled this. - Tasha

  7. You look incredible here, you have such a great figure!

    Maria xxx

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