Adventures in 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

going on adventures
I want more adventures. The times that get talked about for years to come.
Maybe I need to redefine my ideas.
Take a little adventure each month; visit somewhere new, make spontaneous decisions to go out, do new things.
Perhaps a little list of things to take inspiration from as opposed to a list of things to tick off in a chore-like manner.  I'd like to make 2016 a year I can look back on and say "oh yes! Do you remember when we went here...saw this...ate out here". This blog is a wonderful, wonderful way of looking back on what I've been up to, it's fascinating to re-live a day out that is no longer fresh in my mind. I'd love to think that anyone else enjoys reading about what I've been up to as well.
Keep your eyes peeled for a few thoughts on what I'd like to do this year and going forwards!

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