The perfect red jumper for winter

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Red cable knit jumper

A red jumper for winter, oh yes. This one is a beauty; just the right amount of oversized so I still have a comfy fit with a layer or two underneath yet it doesn't make me look too bulky. A cable knit and a round neck with sleeves long enough to roll up a little as well. What more can a girl ask for? A nice white collared shirt was perfect to layer underneath, the contrast is one which pleases me no end. On this occasion I chose my blue tartan mini skirt to wear, with black tights and tan ankle boots. I think skinny jeans would work well and probably shorts and tights too. 

Red cable knit jumper
Spotted my favourite honey bee necklace from Nova Silver? It's so cute. 

Red cable knit jumper
I'm a definite fan of red these days, it's a colour which is so bright, bold and cheerful plus it seems to be a bold neutral which goes with most other colours too. Do you embrace red, or shy away?

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  1. I adore red! It is always a statement! Your jumper is very nice!!!x

  2. Love red! You wouldn't think it would go with so much, I certainly didn't before I started wearing it.

  3. Oh lovely! I love those brown shoes. They look great with the bright red jumper. I have one to but of course different although just as bright. I wore it last year on Christmas in New York! I love it!
    JaseyJade xo


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