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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Wearing a blue dress in winter
Winter! This one's proving to be be hit and miss and all over the place. I think this was Boxing day. The day we would used to have a second Christmas day with my grandparents as a child. These days there is nothing specific to do so we thought heading out for some fresh air in between turkey sandwiches would be pleasant. This blue dress has been worn a few times but has never quite made it onto the blog before; I wore it with my sparkly jumper which is in a shade I can't really define. I didn't have anything other than warmth on my mind when putting on my furry denim jacket and looking at these pictures they seem to be dominated by shades of blue.  

Wearing a blue dress in winter

Wearing a blue dress in winter

Wearing a blue dress in winter
It's looking bleak out there at the moment. Everything is looking distinctly grim and not even frosty and sparkly. My patience is wearing thin. 

Wearing a blue dress in winter
My Joules bag from Country Attire has been such an asset this year and one that I'll be reaching for year after year.

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