Glorious Foxley Wood

Friday, May 24, 2019

Back in late April we made our annual spring visit to Foxley wood to see the bluebells. The usually boggy areas were dry and the car parks were full and it didn't bode too well.
This time it felt very touristy, with people hanging around and speaking loudly. TWO separate parties brought dogs even though it clearly states no dogs - it's a nature reserve!
There were people trampling on areas you are not permitted on... I was grinding my teeth.

I wish people would be more considerate to rules, to others and to the environment.

There was one amazing redeeming bonus which was that for the very first time I could smell the bluebells. Oh it was beautiful! I would describe the scent as faint hyacinth, which is a relief as full strength hyacinth in that quantity would knock you out good and proper. I wonder if the only carry their fragrance while freshly in bloom and if you catch them after that it is lost.

Lesser celandine mixed in.
Above, wood sorrel here and there, below wild strawberries

Early purple orchids

More water avens, love!
Peacock butterfly.

Wood anemone looking pretty in pastel

It could have been a comma but I couldn't quite tell.

A visit of ups and downs this time.
Take care,

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