Mighty Oaks

Thursday, May 02, 2019

This is very much one of those rare occasions where everything fits together like a wonderful happy jigsaw puzzle; the sun shines and it's warm, my hair is looking just how I love it, the dress makes me feel in good shape, the oil seed rape is in full bloom and smells fantastic. One of those posts where I include far too many photographs because I'm brimming with joy and don't want to hide it away.

I love to support local businesses and was thrilled Norwich based Nova Silver got in touch again to collaborate. They have such a gorgeous range of jewellery, many of which are nature inspired which of course just pulls me in. Not only do Nova Silver have a really good website but they also have a store in Norwich so you can have a browse too. Pop in and see what catches your eye!
This is the Oak Leaf pendant necklace which is crafted in sterling silver and is just my style - thanks guys, very well chosen. Oak trees are considered to represent courage and power, so I'm told. Just think of all the years they stand tall and strong despite whatever is thrown at them. I'd like to add my own thoughts too. The concept of a little stubby acorn trodden in to a patch of dirt suddenly coming to life, sending up a tender shoot and unfailingly persisting with growth to become something huge and awe inspiring, isn't that a miracle? So oaks to me are a symbol of growth, of faith to take an idea and doggedly believe in it's potential. That no matter how small something starts, it can become so much more. And that's amazing. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

The detailing is beautiful and at just £15 for the pendant (chains sold separately) it represents excellent value. You can even buy earring to match.

Too right I'm going to be cropping a few of these for new profile pictures!

Well here's to a fantastic spring and summer. I've got a great feeling this really could be something.

Thanks to Nova Silver for gifting me this necklace - all opinions my own.

Take care,

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