Paisley dress winner

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Back in April the sun shone and I thought the good times were here to stay. Aside from a grey blip maybe they are! It's either thermal tights or bare legs really. This is a dress I picked up from a recent charity shopping day with enabler Hazel. Much as I was displeased by how this dress claims to be two sizes larger than I want to be and one larger than I can comfortably wear, it fits with a loose silhouette that makes it both flattering an non-committal in terms of tailoring. I consider it's supposed sizing to be silly anyway as then it would be too snug. That leads me on to a gripe of mine. We're now seeing such diversity in adverts - really the progress made has been vast- yet there are no women with a bloat. I can relate to bloats. Please show me slender and strong women who've had a big dinner. These are the people with whom I can feel akin. All the 'curvier' models have a defined waistline.

A rare shot of me without mucky hands. I'm weeding the garden and allotments so much that my nailbrush is wearing out with how often I'm scrubbing my digits.
I'm all about bangles and cuffs this summer. Arm party!
I think this dress is going to be one of my in-a-rush staples. Easy to wear, practical and cute. From rambles to afternoon tea it's appropriate. A jacket or cardigan to layer up if it gets chilly or bare arms if the sun's out. We've found a winner!
Take care,

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