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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

perfect vintage tartan skirt

Apparently I went through a stage of wearing very dark clothes at one point in my early teens. I don’t really remember that, perhaps I’ve blocked it out. I did consider going a bit goth in my later teens but to be honest it would have been too much of an uphill struggle with my family so I let that phase pass unexplored. These days I like to wear bright colours and plenty of patterns,sometimes all at once.

red vintage tartan skirt

I was feeling exceptionally cheerful a few weeks ago and decided to wear red, yellow and orange all in one go, to stick two fingers up at the miserable weather and I think the result is one rather jolly splash of colour well worthy of a smile. This charm necklace was a £1 charity shop find and I've taken to wearing it on every possible occasion since buying it, I do get attached to things.

brights in winteryellow shirt orange jumper

Skirt, jumper, skirt and necklace all from charity shops. Boots - Internacionale. These pictures are rubbish quality I'm afraid, sorry about that but I did want to share my bright look even if my hair looks a bit odd as well. I'm wearing a little band thing with black and gold thingys on which looks rather lovely but not in my hair. A rethink may be in order.


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  1. This skirt is incredible! I love tartan and the way you've paired the red with the yellow shirt :D

    Sarah Elizabeth xx

  2. Well this really is sticking two fingers up to the weather! I tend to revert to jeans and big chunky jumpers in muted tones in crappy days but I rather like your approach! *looks at weather, looks at clothes, decides to change*
    I had a phase if wearing black that lasted a decade. Now I tend to steer clear.
    Love the skirt <3

  3. The colours just pop from the screen! Lovely outfit! x

  4. I love this checked skirt- it reminds me of a scarf I used to envy of my sister's when we were at school.

  5. This has truly cheered me up! You do have a way with pattern and print Sophie. I had the dark 'phase' in my teens...oh how awful they were looking back now. You rock lady xxx

  6. Nothing beats bright colours on a dark rainy day. Looking fabulous hun.

    X x

  7. I have such serious love for that skirt xx

  8. i never wore much color as a kid, either. mostly black as a teen! love the skirt!

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  9. Love it!!! Great combination of items here!! I suffer from bad hair day mist days on my blog so I'd say yours looks fine!! !! X

  10. I agree with all the comments on the lovely outfit, but can I just say that that first picture where you smile is absolutely stunning. You look SO cute!


    1. totally agree, you look very radiant in that one xx

  11. I love your colourful outfits! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  12. I want your skirt Its fab - I think a bit of colour is perfect to brighten our soul x

  13. This is such a gorgeous outfit, I love you in bright colours!

    Maria xxx

  14. I am not a fan of tartan but red is your colour x


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